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Forthcoming Exhibitions, Fairs & Workshops


"Winter Light"Art exhibition at the Norwich Theatre Royal first floor with the Norwich 20 Group of artists. 24th January to 23rd March. Opening preview Thursday evening 23rd January. Opening times as with Theatre Royal.


Workshop: Saturday 8th February 2020 10am to 4pm
"Red and Gold"...exploring different red pigments and gold leaf in painting.
£65 with lunch and materials. Places available.


Workshop: Sunday Afternoon 9th February 2020 2pm to 4pm 
Private painting workshop for local art group.


Workshop: Saturday Morning 7th March 2020 10am to 1pm and/or
Sunday afternoon 8th March 2020 1pm to 3pm £30 per session
Ostereierbaum, the German Tradition of Easter Egg Trees
A gentle mix of Art and Craft suitable for all levels and ages.
Places available.

Potter Heigham Village Hall Annual Art Exhibition Easter 11-13th April 2020


Evening Painting Workshop: 1st May 2020 at the studio for the Broads Ladies Group, Potter Heigham


St Margarets Church of Art, Benedict Street, Norwich
with the Norwich 20 Group of artists during summer 2020


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John Innes Centre Norwich

Ludham Church, Ludham, Norfolk

Castle Museum, Norwich





Great Yarmouth Minster exhibition Thurs 4th June until Sunday 14th June, showing artwork with the Eastern Contemporary Art Group at the Minster as part of Great Yarmouth Arts Week.


To be confirmed... autumn exhibition with the Norwich 20 Group in Rouen, France, now under discussion to assess possibilities of pairing with the Rouen Art Group

To be confirmed... autumn exhibition with the Eastern Contemporary Art Group at the Great Yarmouth Library first floor gallery. 

NORFOLK OPEN STUDIOS: My studio will be open for visitors on the first three day Bank Holiday Weekend Sat 23rd/Sun24th/Mon25th May. Then closed for a vacation opening again to visitors on the final Norfolk  Open Studio Weekend 6th and 7th June.